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How to Keep Going When the Run Motivation Fades

Running is a simple sport. It requires only a pair of shoes and the motivation to get out the door. But this past year (2020) showed us that even the simple things in life can become complicated. Races were cancelled, running groups were put on hold, and daily routines were upended. As a result, many runners lost their running motivation.

Every runner has their own personal story of why they run and what inspires them to move each day. If your running motivation has waned, fear not. There are ways to light your fire again. Here are a few that might work for you.

How do I stay motivated to run? Follow a training plan.

A training plan gives you steps to follow for success. In other words, it takes the guesswork out of running—all you have to do is put on your shoes and do what the plan tells you to do.

When you create your training plan, start with a specific goal. Setting a goal makes it much easier to make running become a habit, even when you feel unmotivated. Nevertheless, don’t plan too far out. Limiting your planning to 1–2 weeks at a time allows you to assess how your body is adapting to the activity or habit you’ve started. There will always be peaks and valleys throughout the training process. Conquering them one at a time can help you stay the course.

Finally, be sure to accurately assess the amount of time you can dedicate to training. Remember that sleep, work, family, and other life challenges all play a role in how your body and mind will adapt.

How do I find motivation to run? Lean on your people.

A support team can give you the running motivation you need to get to your starting line. Members of your support team might include your family, training partners, and coaches. So, who are your people?

Your family members show up in all aspects of your life, so leaning on them for support is critical for achieving balance. On the other hand, training partners are essential to keeping you accountable during your pursuits. It’s easier to get out of bed at 5 a.m. to train with a friend than to train alone, right?

A knowledgeable coach can be an invaluable tool, too. One of the hardest aspects of training is knowing not only what to do but also when to do it. Often, runners start out doing too much, too fast, too soon. A coach can make sure you can manageably pursue your goals, giving you a better shot at achieving them.

Where can I find the motivation to run? Look within.

It’s important to say this now: If you miss a workout, have an “off” week, or find yourself with an injury, don’t be discouraged. Every runner experiences these types of letdowns. Instead, take a deep breath and focus on the bigger picture. Think back to why you run in the first place.

Also, keep a positive mindset when you start and finish a workout, so you can build up your mental victories. Writing in a gratitude or positivity journal is a great way to reflect on your victories each day. The more you can focus on the positives, the more motivated you will be to keep running.

You’ve got this!

Following a plan, finding your people, and reflecting on your successes can help to bring your running motivation back to life. Remember, the first step is often the hardest.

When you’re ready to light your fire, we’re here to help. Our coaches can create a training plan that works for you—and provide the accountability and guidance you need to keep your internal flame burning.

To get started on setting goals and reviving your running motivation, contact us today.

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