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Trail Transformation
Ultramarathon Coaching

Ultrarunning is a lifestyle. If you live it, you’re constantly thinking about training, fueling, sleeping, and recovering—on top of your work and other commitments. This is where Trail Transformation can help. Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned ultramarathoner, training for a 50K or 100-mile race, we develop a coaching program that fits your day-to-day needs. Our ultimate goal is to keep you injury-free, so you can continue pushing your limits for years to come.

With training plans that include regular speed workouts, tempo runs, easy days, and even rest days, the Trail Transformation coaches make training sustainable, fun, and smart.


Benefits of Working with a Coach 

  • Structure and strategy in the training program

  • Accountability and feedback

  • Guidance on nutrition

  • Feedback loop, insight and input on training

  • Access to a coach for questions, concerns and celebrations for success.

An ultramarathon is a great adventure. Yet one of the most difficult aspects of the ultra race distance is knowing how and when to begin training. Once you do start, following through with a training plan can be difficult, especially when life gets busy or if you’re not seeing results you expected. 


Having an ultramarathon coach by your side gives you a guide for the journey. From advising you on the right gear to helping you break through training plateaus, our coaches are with you at every stride. 

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, let’s get to work.


Ultramarathon Coaching Program

  • Customized training plan for 50K to 100+ mile races

  • Ultra distance-specific strength training

  • Nutrition support

  • Race-focused programs from 6 weeks
    to 6 months in duration

  • Suggestions and guidance on finding trails 

  • Guidance on ultra-specific gear for training and racing

Trail Transformations Athletes 

  • First-time ultramarathoners

  • Beginner trail runners who want to dip their shoe to into longer distances

  • Seasoned runners who want to prevent injury and sustain their ability to run long distances 

  • Competitive front runners who are chasing podiums

  • Do I need a watch?
    No, Coaches can help guide you through your training based on manually entered activities. However, the added data that can be attained from a watch, will increase the accuracy of your training exponentially.
  • Do I need computer?
    No, our training software can be used directly from your smart phone.
  • How do I pay?
    Trail Transformation accepts all major credit cards, as well as Paypal. Once you start your coaching package, your coach will guide you through our simple payment process.
  • Am I good enough for a coach?
    Absolutely, runners of all abilities benefit from coaching. Coaching not only gives you short term training goals, but also aids in injury prevention.
  • What do I do if I need to change things on the plan?
    Communication is key! Your coach will be happy to help you adjust things in a way that best meets your schedule. The best way to contact your coach is via email, but if it's urgent as in changing a workout the day of, a text message will likely work best.
  • Can you help me with a road race?
    Absolutely, Trail Transformation has coaches that specialize in all areas of running.
  • I’m just getting started in running, is that ok?"
    Yes, the start of running is one of the best times to work with a coach. Often new runners try to do too much too soon and end up getting injured. Another benefit of working with a running coach early, is they can help you break any bad habits before they are truly formed.
  • Can you I be trained for a fast 5k, half marathon, boston qualifier?"
    Yes, both Coach Michael and Coach Tyler have had lots of success on the roads, and know what it takes to perform well in these events.
  • I’m not signed up for a race, I just want to run injury free. Can you help?"
    Yes, running is a life long sport. We're here to help you in any way possible.
  • I’m limited on time, can the program still help?"
    Absolutely, in fact time crunched runners often benefit the most from a training plan. Instead of just getting out the door, our coaches can help you maximize the time you do have.
  • I’m currently injured, can you help me get back?"
    Yes, many of our coaches are Physical Therapists by trade and specialize in helping runners return to the sport they love.
  • I have a question for the coach, how do I reach out?"
    Shoot us an email at
  • Can I request a specific coach?
    Yes, if you have a relationship with a coach already, and are looking to work with them specifically we will do our best to accomodate. That being said, our priority is always making sure that the client gets the coach that is best equipped to help them maximize their training.
  • I don't have a gym membership, how do I do the strength exercises?"
    The coaches will work with you to develop a routine that you can perform at home. The gym opens up opportunities for more exercises, but they can also be done at home.
  • I'm not close to any trails, how do I train for a trail race?"
    Our coaches have ways to simulate the challenges of a trail race. If you can run, then we can train you for a trail race.

The Trail Transformation Difference

Running an ultramarathon can be an exhilarating experience. But it can also be intimidating to begin training for one or even to attempt the distance. Our coaching is designed to make running an ultramarathon accessible to anyone who commits to the process. We approach our coaching holistically to make sure our athletes get strong, stay healthy, and have fun.This is why we emphasize nutrition and strength in all elements of our coaching. 

Coaching Philosophy 

Higher mileage and intensity levels are not always better, especially for the longevity of a running career. 


At Trail Transformation, we focus on developing a lifelong runner. It is our responsibility to forgo short-term success to protect the long-term health and development of the runner. We help all runners stay injury-free and train to their maximum potential, so they can reach their running goals.

Marathon in the City



Bi-weekly Training Plan

Basic Strength & Mobility Program 

Unlimited Communication

Race/competition strategy

10% Discount with 6 month purchase 


Bi-weekly Training Plan

Unlimited Communication

Custom Strength & Mobility Program

Race/competition strategy

10% Discount with 6 month purchase 


Do you have questions about our coaching packages,

not sure if coaching is right for you, or just want to chat running, let's chat!


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Mark M - Trail Transformation

Mark M

Working with Trail Transformation has brought me from a middle of the pack runner, to a contender in every race I enter.

What People Are Saying

Andy H - Trail Transformation

Andy H

Going through the MRT process with Rachel has helped me feel better every single day.

Rose R - Trail Transformation

Rose R

In 2018, I took 4 hours and 45 minutes off my previous 50 mile PR, all with the help of the Trail Transformation team!

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