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Run Coaching

Stronger is Faster

"Working with Jake and his team at Trail Transformation has taken my running to a new level. Jake helped overcome an ongoing knee injury with a personalized program incorporating strength training, cross-training, and a diverse running schedule. Since, his team has successfully helped me go from a mid-pack runner to running a Boston Qualifier, Completing my first 100 miler, and earning a 50k 1st place overall finish"


—  Travis Harvieux - St. Paul, MN

Nutrition Services

Food is fuel

"Rachel has been a tremendous help to my running (and life) over the past few months.She has walked me through the MRT process every step of the way. I could pretty quickly tell the difference in my health. I even broke a 6 year old PR in the half marathon that I thought was untouchable. I’m able to train better than I have been able to in years! I also feel SO much better in general."


— Candice Schneider 

MRT Results

Run Coaching

Stronger is Faster

"Working with Michael has been awesome. I've worked with him training for 100 milers, and not only have I been able to do it with significantly less injury, I've been able to increase my performance on race day in a really fun and awesome way."


—  Mike Asmus - Stillwater, MN

Superior Retreat

Miles and miles of happy trails

"The Retreat gave me an overall boost in confidence and ability when it comes to running a technical trail like the SHT.  Based on what I saw and experienced on this retreat, I bought several new items that have already made a positive impact on my running.  These include a set of trekking poles, new and better trail running shoes, and a new hydration bottle that I saw one of the coaches using.  I received personal coaching from multiple perspectives throughout the trip that improved my agility and speed on the trails.  One coach let me use their trekking poles (I had never used poles before) and gave me personal instruction on using them over all types of terrain.  This is something I put to good use while pacing my friend through 37 miles (30 of them with trekking poles) to a successful completion of his first 100 mile race at Superior."


—  Russel Lidberg - Minneapolis, MN

STR Testimonials

Stronger is Faster

Strength Classes

"I find the group strength classes beneficial for reducing injuries. I road and mountain bike a lot in the Spring- Fall then shift to running in the Fall and Winter. So, I just started back running and haven't had any soreness or injury. Also, I'm always worried about doing a move wrong that could cause injury. The instructors ensure you are doing the movement correctly (even if you have to modify) that I never had to worry about it. It's a supportive fun environment."


Strength Testiomonials
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