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Trail Transformation
Nordic Skiing Coaching

Our comprehensive Nordic ski coaching is designed to help athletes of all levels and ability. Whether you are a Birkie veteran or just learning the difference between classic and skate skiing, we can help you get comfortable with flying on the snow. Our coaches are seasoned skiers in both classic and skate disciplines.  

With training plans that incorporate regular tempo workouts, technique drills, easy days, and mobility-specific rest days, the Trail Transformation coaches work to make Nordic skiing accessible, safe, and fun. Additionally, as certified physical therapists, our coaches can advise you on prehab and rehab exercises to make sure your body is ready to tackle any distance.


Benefits of working with a Trail Transformation coach

  • Combined 10+ years of Nordic skiing experience at your fingertips

  • Insight on technique, wax selection, and drills 

  • Consistent feedback on progress, challenges, and goals

  • Access to a coach for questions, concerns, and celebrations of success


The feeling of gliding across snow is hard to beat. But Nordic skiing can be a challenging sport for both novices and veterans. If you’ve never tried classic or skate skiing, you might feel nervous about taking a lesson or picking out gear. If you’re a competitive Nordic skier, you might find it hard to time your training with your race calendar—or to get through that nagging shoulder, hip, or ankle pain. 


Our coaches are here to help, whether you’re just getting started or striving to glide past your course PR. Let’s get to work.


Nordic Skiing Coaching Program

  • Customized training plan for any distance or simply for the love of working out in the snow

  • Skiing-specific strength training

  • Nutrition support

  • Race-focused programs from 6 weeks to 1 year

  • Suggestions and guidance on finding trails

Trail Transformation Athletes

  • Birkie veterans 

  • Cross-training runners 

  • Midwest winter enthusiasts 

  • Weekendwarriors


The Trail Transformation Difference

Trail Transformation takes a holistic approach to Nordic ski coaching. We don’t simply coach you for a race—we help you develop healthy habits that serve you for life. Many athletes who reach out to us are already injured, which is why we are committed to minimizing factors that can lead to injury down the road. 

Coaching Philosophy 

Higher mileage and intensity levels are not always better, especially for the longevity of a Nordic skiing career. 


At Trail Transformation, we focus on developing a lifelong skier. It is our responsibility to forgo short-term success to protect the long-term health and development of the skier. We help all Nordic skiers stay injury-free and train to their maximum potential, so they can reach their skiing goals.

Trekking in Snow



Bi-weekly Training Plan

Basic Strength & Mobility Program 

Unlimited Communication

Race/competition strategy

10% Discount with 6 month purchase 


Bi-weekly Training Plan

Unlimited Communication

Custom Strength & Mobility Program OR Nutrition Services

Race/competition strategy

10% Discount with 6 month purchase 


Bi-weekly Training Plan

Unlimited Communication

Custom Strength & Mobility Program

Nutrition Services

Race/competition strategy

10% Discount with 6 month purchase


Do you have questions about our coaching packages,

not sure if coaching is right for you, or just want to chat running, let's chat!


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Mark M - Trail Transformation

Mark M

Working with Trail Transformation has brought me from a middle of the pack runner, to a contender in every race I enter.

What People Are Saying

Andy H - Trail Transformation

Andy H

Going through the MRT process with Rachel has helped me feel better every single day.

Rose R - Trail Transformation

Rose R

In 2018, I took 4 hours and 45 minutes off my previous 50 mile PR, all with the help of the Trail Transformation team!

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