Nutrition Health Coach

Rachel - Nutrition Health Coach
  • Bachelor of Science in Community and Medical Dietetics- Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI


  • Registered, Licensed Dietitian


  • Certified LEAP Therapist (Food sensitivity Testing)

  • Level I Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist

Meet Rachel - Nutrition Specialist

I have a passion for running and a passion for nutrition. Being able to combine both into one amazing career has practically been a dream come true. I first became interested in the field of nutrition as an adolescent who began competitive long-distance running. My performance began to suffer as I struggled with an eating disorder. It was during that time that I was made aware of the immense importance of nutrition in my performance and overall health.  


I love food and am one of the least picky eaters you'll ever meet, and firmly believe that food is meant to be enjoyed. My goal as a dietitian/nutrition health coach is to help others fully live, feel and/or perform at their best by providing guidance and education on the power of nutrition.

Nutrition services offered by our Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Health Coach will be unique to each client and can come in many forms.

Mediator Release - Nutrition Service

Rachel is trained to provide and interpret food sensitivity (Mediator Release) blood testing, allowing her to help individuals battling GI disorders, sensitive stomach while exercising, musculoskeletal pain, skin issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, and a variety of other symptoms related to food sensitivities.

Virtual Nutrition Health Coach

3 Month Virtual Nutrition Program

Our dietitian offers one on one nutrition counseling for variety of individuals including those with weight loss and/or weight gain goals, athletes striving to optimize performance through the help of fueling and hydration strategies, those struggling with eating disorders or GI disorders, and individuals simply looking to improve their general health and wellness.

General Nutrition Health Coach

General Nutrition Consultation

Managing your diet alone can be difficult and stressful, let us help! With this service, you have access to either 5 one hour consult sessions or 10 half hour consult sessions. This time is all about you, and Rachel is happy to help however she can, from recipes to meal planning, and everything in between, let's take control of your nutrition today!

(Single Sessions Also Available)


Hybrid Coaching Combo

Pair this package with coaching from your Trail Transformation Running Coach!

This includes two 30 minute consults per month. Feel free to chat about all things fueling, from daily eating habits, to race day nutrition!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can runners and non-runners alike get nutrition help?

Yes! Our dietitian guides runners and athletes of all sorts, but also works with non-runners who are looking for guidance and help reaching nutrition, health, or body composition goals

What topics can you cover with nutrition services?

Topics can include anything the client would like guidance with but most commonly topics include weight gain or loss, race and long run fuel plans, hydration and electrolytes, recovery and inti-inflammatory nutrition strategies, pre and post workout nutrition, eliminating GI discomfort, food sensitivity treatment, recipe and meal plan ideas, general nutrition and balanced eating to optimize health and/or performance.

How does online virtual nutrition counseling and coaching work?

For advanced training clients and 1-1 monthly nutrition counseling, the process is similar. You and our dietitian will touch base via phone for an initial call to get started. After that, communication is primarily via email, but phone calls can also be an option. You will receive an email reminder at the beginning of each week to send in an update discussing progress, setbacks, questions, concerns, updates, etc. as well as unlimited email communication as needed or desired throughout the week. Within 48 hours of receiving your email, you will receive a reply with feedback on your update email, answers to your questions, a set of new tips and suggestions, and make sure your next week is all set up for success! Consults are done over the phone, and are scheduled at a frequency that you and the dietitian agree is most beneficial. Consults are an hour in length, and in that time you will receive answers to questions you have and valuable information to utilize! In these sessions we discuss goals, strategies, setbacks, progress, ideas, and anything else that may come up. Handouts, recipes, meal plans, etc will be provided as necessary. All options are beneficial, and you and our dietitian can discuss which option fits best for you.

Can I use my HSA card to pay for nutrition services?

Yes, we accept payments from HSA cards, as well as all other major credit cards. If you have any specific billing questions please reach out to