Trail Transformation Running Story

Trail Transformation was founded in 2015 in an effort to help injured runners bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.  Many times after treating an individual and providing education on how to safely return to running, our coaches found that the athlete would end up sidelined again by injury.

Most running-related injuries stem from training error, meaning an athlete did too much too soon or didn’t incorporate enough variety throughout his or her training. Trail Transformation initially served as a step-down program where individuals could transfer from being a patient to a coaching client.

virtual running coach

Runners soon started achieving the results they wanted without incurring injuries that would send them back to the clinic. Our goal is to help all runners stay injury-free while training to their maximum potential so they can reach their goals. In order to achieve this, we took it a step further and created a preventative model.  With a team of Physical Therapists, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Running Coaches, and a Registered Dietitian, we have set ourselves apart from other coaching organizations. From injury-specific rehab to tailored training plans, and performance-oriented nutrition guidance, we offer it all in a custom platform to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions involve a procedure where individual synthetic lashes are carefully attached one by one onto your natural lashes to add length and volume. Eyelash extensions are not to be confused with false/strip lashes, which are applied at home and last only 6-12 hours whereas eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks.

Why should I get eyelash extensions?

Having eyelash extensions reduces the time spent to get ready / put on makeup and let you be glamourous 24/7. Eyelash extensions are also extremely popular with brides and vacation-ers so they don't have to apply any mascara or strip/false lashes.

Are eyelash extensions safe?

The eyelash extension application is non-invasive and pain-free – the extensions are applied using a special adhesive directly onto your natural lash so there is zero contact with your skin. However, as with any cosmetic product, there are some individuals who may be allergic to this particular adhesive, but this rarely happnes. If this does, swelling of the eyes will occur within the first 48 hours. If you're unsure, we can always do a test by applying a few extensions on first to see if you are prone to getting a reaction. If you do get a reaction, we will gladly remove your extensions without charge. Once removed, the swelling will dissipate within a day or two, and your eyes will be back to normal without any damage to either your eyes or lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions lasts as long as a life cycle of your natural lashes, which is usually around 5-6 weeks but you can maintain the fullness of your lashes by getting a refill every 2-4 weeks. Some clients experience a much better retention rate than others depending on how fast their lashes shed and the way they care for your eyelash extensions.

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes provided they are applied correctly with trained professionals. At EMME Lash Bar, we take special care to ensure that our eyelash extensions are all applied individually and correctly to maintain your eyelash health. To ensure the long-term health of your lashes, we highly recommend that you take the advice of your lash stylist regarding the maximum thickness and length that your lashes can safely hold, especially if you have naturally thin or sparse lashes. Refrain from removing the eyelash extensions yourself – this could easily damage your natural lashes as the adhesive bond is extremely strong. Your natural lashes have their own life cycle of growing and shedding over a period of 5-6 weeks so if a natural lash with eyelash extensions attached falls out, it is completely normal.

What do I need to do to prepare for my lash appointment?

Please ensure all traces of eye make-up is removed including mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and strip lashes using an oil-free makeup remover. Avoid using an eyelash curler on your lashes on the day of your appointment. As you cannot get your eye area wet for 24 hours after the application, it may be good to gym, shower or wash your hair beforehand.

How long will my lash appointment take?

A full set of eyelash extensions takes between 1-2.5 hours the fullness of your natural lashes and the set/style. Refills take between 30 minutes - 1.5 hours. Lash tint takes 15 minutes. Lash lift takes 30 minutes.

What are "refills"?

Since eyelash extensions fall out according to the growth cycle of your natural lashes, you may choose to "fill" them in to maintain the set's fullest look. Most clients come back every 2 weeks for a fill, but we have 1-4 week fills available.

What is the different between Silk, Mink, Cashmere, and Ellipse/Flat lashes?

Here’s a little rundown on each type to help you choose your next set of lash extensions: Silk Lash: This is the most common type of lashes. All of the lashes we use are synthetic fibers (real silk would disintegrate within days and not hold its curl). Silk lashes have a slightly more matte/natural black finish, and the ends are not quite so tapered as mink. We use silk lashes in all of our volume sets because due to their texture, they fan out more than mink. Faux Mink Lash: Faux mink lashes are designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink lashes and do not actually come from mink! They are very glossy and black in color, slightly thinner on the ends and lighter than silk lashes. Cashmere Lash: These are not actually made from animal fur! The term cashmere simply describes the softness, delicate structure, and lightweight feel of these lashes. They are up to 60% lighter than mink lash extensions and the ends are thinner at the ends than faux mink lashes making them more flexible and softer to the touch. Ellipse Lash / Flat Lash: These are a relatively new development, where the cross section of the extension is flatter or more oval in shape than silk lashes. The benefit is that they provide a thicker, fuller look without any extra weight (each fiber appears wider, though does not actually weigh more than a silk lash). They also last quite well due to their shape. They are not really suited to very natural looks, and are better for those who like a glamourous, darker look. Flat just refers to the cross section of the lash fiber, not the curl. They come in all the same curl types as other lashes.

Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend wearing mascara as it will reduce the retention of your eyelash extensions and the mascara residue may prevent us from doing regular 1-4 week refills. However, if you cannot resist wearing mascara, then only use water based mascara. Do not use oil-based or water-proof mascara as it will dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions. Also, the brush can potentially pull on your eyelash extensions and cause them to be damaged, loosened, or removed.

Who should not get eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions may not be suitable for people who: - Cannot lie down for a prolonged period of time - If you are pregnant, it may not be possible to lay flat on your back for the required amount of time, but we can work with you and take quick breaks so you can shift around - Cannot control rubbing of their eyes - Have pre-existing eyelid or eye conditions - Have recently had eye or eyelid surgery within the past 3 months - Have allergies to or have had a reaction to acrylate products including acrylic nails