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A Snippet of Certainty in an Uncertain World for Endurance Athletes

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

2020 will forever be the year of challenges. Whether you had personal, professional or athletic challenges you are not alone!

One of the consistent themes that we often find ourselves facing is the fact that things often don't go as planned. As endurance athletes we are in the unique position to both thrive and collapse in this environment. We enjoy routine and knowing what we want to accomplish next. Movement has been a part of our daily routine, stress relief, friendships, and social activities. Therefore this year of chaos has created both physical and mental stressors that are out of our control.

With a new year on the horizon we are still faced with the continued threat of uncertainty. So then becomes the question of what should training look like? What races will be happening? What do I want to change and challenge next year?

The answer will likely be different for each endurance athlete but the overarching theme is the same: Consistency, adaptation, and motivation.

This is a perfect time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome this year. Consistency in movement creating healthy habits is the ultimate goal that we are striving for over the course of our lives. Use this time of year to start to make a plan on what you want to improve. Maybe it's focusing on strength training, a new activity, or simply finding ways to move throughout the day.

We get to choose where our journey takes us in this uncertain world.

Where will you choose to go from here? For more information on how to move forward and train as an endurance athlete, contact us

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