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The Trail Transformation Difference

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Successful running is simple at first glance: place one foot in front of the other as quickly as possible. Repeat. Easy.

If only things were this straightforward. Injuries happen. Life happens. Unexpected bathroom breaks at mile 20 of a marathon happen. Suddenly, this simple task of training and completing a race doesn’t seem so simple.

Just as there are a seemingly infinite number of roads that lead to Rome, there are an equal number of running coaches who would like to help you achieve your training goals. Choosing the right coach for you is critical for attaining your desired outcome - whether that’s setting a personal best, completing your first 100 miler, or qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

The Trail Transformation Difference

At Trail Transformation, we are a team of healthcare providers, accomplished long distance runners, race directors, and certified coaches. We use all aspects of our background to deliver unparalleled coaching services. Here’s how:

Physical Therapists as Running Coaches

Annually, up to 80% of long distance runners suffer a running-related injury. We’ve been there and there’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you have too. The large majority of our coaches are highly experienced physical therapists. Therefore, we specialize in creating training plans that minimize “training errors” and thus reduce the risk of injury. Moreover, in situations where an injury does occur, we’re able to offer medical advice and help you get the proper treatment. Physical therapists are your movement specialists and our goal is to get you moving again as quickly as possible. We don’t take “Just don’t run” as an answer. It is commonly feared that a coach will run the individual into the ground with fatigue, burnout, and serious injuries being the outcome. Here at Trail Transformation we do everything in our power to prevent that.

Dietitian Expertise

Running is oftentimes only half of the equation for success. We know the seemingly “little things” make a BIG difference: nutrition, hydration, sleep, mobility exercises, and strength training to name a few. To truly maximize your potential, you need to nail ALL aspects of your training, and we’ve got you covered. In addition to our customized running plans, we also offer individualized strength/mobility training and nutrition services. We’re fortunate to have Rachel, a Registered Dietitian, who specializes in working with endurance athletes. Similarly to the Physical Therapy background of the coaches, the professional expertise of a dietitian allows an athlete to obtain valid and effective guidance versus the fads and questionable information that many unqualified “nutritionists” will offer.

Coaching for Trail Running to Road Running

Our expertise in all areas of training is coupled equally with our passion for the sport. We’ve found success over a wide range of distances. From running the mile as quickly as 4:05, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, to setting course records in the Midwest's most prestigious ultramarathon races. We are able to help you prepare for your race and goal - regardless of distance or terrain.

Customized Training Plans

Lastly, we proudly customize all of our training plans 100% for each of our athletes. By learning more about your life, goals, and desires, and combining our areas of expertise, together we’re able to work together to create a successful training plan for you.

When it comes time to think about the next step in your running journey, we’re here to help you in all aspects along the way!

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