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The Power of Positivity

As I contemplated what to write on the topic of positivity I continually came back to the idea of struggle.  We don't have to work to have a positive attitude when life is good.  It just happens and is effortless.

Although those times are valuable, they're generally not what defines us.  We develop strength, courage and perseverance in our worst times, not our best.  That's the joy of running ultras.  They're a horrible, good time where we learn to embrace struggle.  The training is long and challenging.  Even with the best planning something always goes wrong.  Plus, the greater the distance the more opportunities we have for setbacks and suffering.  Yet, each time we make it to an aid station or a finish line feel a sense of accomplishment.   We've pushed through doubts and despair, proving to ourselves that we could reach a goal that felt impossible along the way.  

Perhaps at some point we did lose hope or were too overwhelmed by the difficulties ahead.  There was likely another runner, volunteer, friend or family member there who did believe it was still worth the effort, offering any encouragement they could to help us to keep going.  It's amazing to have someone believe in us when we doubt ourselves.  However, ultimately it's our own positivity and resolve that leads to our success

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