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Shoes Shoes Shoes

You know your favorite running shoes. Or maybe you don't. There are so many different kinds out there and it can be intimidating to pick the right ones! Check out what the coaches have to say about their go-to running shoes and why they wear them.

Spencer- I wear the Brooks Launch and New Balance 880. I like rotating shoes, so I typically have 2-3 pairs in the rotation. I like rotating different shoes to give my foot a different stimulus each day. I choose a shoe purely based on comfort. So, if the shoe feels good on my foot and when I'm out on the roads/trails it's good in my book.

Michael R- I enjoy rotating between the ASICS DS-Trainer and the New Balance 1500. Both shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and responsive. Research shows that running-related injury risk can be lowered by alternating between two similar - yet subtly different pairs of shoes... plus, who doesn't love picking up an extra pair of shoes?!

Pat- Since there are more shoes in my closet than just running shoes I will throw some other brands out there. I have really liked Shimano cycling shoes. The comfort and stiffness have felt great during longer time trial rides and are versatile for both road and triathlons.

For skiing I have always used Salomon Pilot skate boots. They keep the feet warm and last for years. They also provide a good amount of stiffness for strong and stable glide.

Jake- Hoka Speedgoats. When Hoka's first came out I didn't buy into their maximalist cushion. Mike, Tyler, and I had the opportunity to meet Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard (Founders of Hoka) the night before UMTB-CCC. I decided to give them a real shot because of their vision for the shoes. I noticed much more spring in my stride and how much faster my legs would recover from long efforts. I have been hooked ever since!

Rachel- I wear the Hoka Speedgoats or the Hoka Stinsons. When I started trail running I went to REI and picked out the first pair of trail running shoes I saw, which happened to be the Hoka Torrent, having no idea if they were any good. Then, once I realized the popularity of Hoka's I just kept going with them but switched to a more supportive make. I have had issues with Plantar fasciitis for as long as I can remember so some cushion and support are critical for me. The Stinsons look like boats, but they feel great on my feet. For road, I have been wearing the Mizuno Wave Inspire for 10 years. I thought they felt amazing until the past year or two…now my feet hurt every time I wear them so I guess it’s time I change up my road shoe- stay tuned.

Mike B- I am a big believer in having a lot of shoes that you can rotate between. It is essentially like cross training for your feet, having that different feel day to day. Also different shoes serve different purposes. Some trail shoes are meant for more rugged terrain than others. Some road shoes are meant to be fast for track/speed work, and some are more designed for long/easy days. However, at the end of the day comfort is king. The shoe has to fit your foot well and make you feel good. That all being said I currently have 6 active trail shoes and 3 active road shoes. (I use trail shoes more)

Current Trail shoes:

- Saucony Peregrine 10- I like these shoes for day to day easy run and some speed work. Fairly aggressive trail tread, but on the middle level of cushion.

- Nike Terra Kiger- I like these for speed days. They are light on cushion, but a very fast feeling shoe.

- Hoka Challenger 5- These have been my longer run shoes for most of the summer and fall. They are a bit higher on the cushion level and fit my feet really well.

- Hoka Speedgoat Evo- These are another long run shoe for me. They are light, but high in cushion. Have been a good go to, but don't fit my foot quite as well as the Challenger.

- Hoka Torrent 2- These are a lighter version of the Challenger. I have enjoyed using these for some speed work on the trails, but they also seem to handle some moderately long runs very well too!

- Hoka Speedgoat 3 Waterproof- These are on their last leg. They have a lot of miles from last winter so I will be looking for new Waterproof shoes to keep my toes warm and dry very soon.

Current Road shoes:

- Saucony Triumph- Nice cushy shoe for easy runs, but not responsive enough for what I like. Meaning for longer or faster runs I feel like I sink into the shoe too much.

- Saucony Freedom- Light responsive shoe. I have enjoyed these for some track workouts, but they have a lot of miles. So I will be looking at getting something a little different to try soon.

- Nike Epic React- These have been a great speed and long run shoe for me. They have cushion, but also are responsive.

Now you know our favorites, and maybe you even learned something new. It appears that we're giving you an excuse to go buy a new pair (or two) of shoes! ;)

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