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Running Transformation with personal online running coaches

Trail Transformation's online running coaches take you through three running phases. Phase one, the runners evaluation, phase two meet your personal online running coach and phase three running training plan.


Each runner will have a comprehensive evaluation prior to his or her program. Runners will initially be issued a running and life assessment in order to gauge how prior running experience and day-to-day life may influence your individual training plan. 


A personal online running coach will help you evaluate where you currently are. They will tell you what needs to be done to get where you want to be. In order to know your goals, it's important to know the person.


Online running coaches will then create a weekly training plan tailored to your work/life schedule and your goals. We will monitor your progress week to week, then advance as necessary. Communication will be made via phone and email to guide progress. Plans will be adjusted as necessary to get the running transformation you're looking for.

"Working with Jake and his online running coaches at Trail Transformation has taken my running to a new level. Jake helped overcome an ongoing knee injury with a personalized program incorporating strength training, cross-training, and a diverse running schedule. Since, his team has successfully helped me go from a mid-pack runner to running a Boston Qualifier, Completing my first 100 miler, and earning a 50k 1st place overall finish"

- Travis Harvieux - St. Paul, MN

Online Running Coach
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