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One on One

Nutrition Counseling

Our dietitian offers one on one nutrition counseling for a variety of individuals including those with weight loss and/or weight gain goals, athletes striving to optimize performance through the help of fueling and hydration strategies, those struggling with eating disorders or GI disorders, and individuals simply looking to improve their general health and wellness.


Our Dietitian Rachel uses Nutriadmin; a software designed for dietitians to aid in guiding clients. Through the software, both clients and the dietitian benefit. Clients receive automatic "Check in Email" reminders keeping them accountable for continued communication, in turn ensuring more successful progression towards goals. This software allows Hannah to not only record and track critical information about you, your dietary needs, and goals, but also to provide you with in-depth meal plans, recipe ideas, macronutrient, and micronutrient analyses, and shopping lists all so that her guidance best fits your needs making you more likely to reach your goals. 

How It Works:

MACS -- NutriAdmin.png

Hannah's goal is to help you be successful in reaching whatever goals you may have whether it be figuring out race-day fueling strategies, performance-enhancing nutrition, daily nutritional changes, meal planning, special dietary needs, weight management or general optimization of health.

$525 for 3 Months

Not sure how a dietitian can help you? Schedule a one-time consultation for just $75!

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