Individual Consults or Consult Package

Our Dietitian offers individual consults. These are 30 or 60 minute phone calls to discuss in depth nutrition topics, answer questions, provide verbal communication to enhance accountability on any and all nutrition-related topics. This option works best for those who have a handful of specific nutrition questions, are looking for long run/race fueling guidance, need education on general nutrition related topics, and anyone who feels that verbal check ins would hold them more accountable than emailing. These consults can also be spread out over a long period of time, which is helpful for those with very long term goals.

How It Works:

 An initial questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the consult to give our Dietitian some helpful background information. The consult is then scheduled online, via link provided by Rachel. The consult is then conducted via phone and followed up with an Overview Email providing any extra information, recipes, meal plan samples, handouts. etc that were discussed in the call. Consults can be scheduled one time, weekly, monthly, or at any time interval that suits you and your goals best!

$40 for a 30 Minute Call

$75 for a 60 Minute Call

$350 for a Package of Five 60 Minute Calls

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