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From Skiing to Swimming, We've Got You Covered!

Meet Pat

Pat is our multidiscipline expert, his range of expertise ranges from open water swims in the summer, to cross country skiing over those same lakes during the colder months.

Pat offers a variety of services, including Bike Fitting (certified through the Institute of Clinical Excellence), Swim Analysis, Personal Training, and Cross Country Ski Instruction.

Coach Pat is happy to help you in any way possible. His coaching philosophies are rooted in finding a balance in life, while keeping the body healthy. Book any of his services using the form below.

Services offered by our Coach Pat will be unique to each client, and can come in many forms.

Cross-Country Ski Instruction

Join Coach Pat on the trails somewhere near the La Crosse area and receive some hands on instruction. Cross country skiing is a sport where form is critical! No matter how fit you are, or how strong you may be, better form is something that will make you faster. Whether you're a 10x Birkie Finisher, or a skiing newbie, Coach Pat can help you!




Swimming is another sport that is exponentially effected by form. Coach Pat will join you in the pool or at the lake, and use underwater cameras to analyze form, and improve your stroke.  Swim analysis is one hour of instruction and drills to help you get the most out of every kick and pull. All pool booking and equipment is provided by Trail Transformation




Does your bike make your back hurt? Think you should be more aero in your TT position?  Saddle making you sore or sensitive?  Pat is here to help! Your bike should be comfortable for a ride around the block, or a 6 hour century route! 

Get more comfortable on your bike today, and start getting more out of every pedal stroke.  Instruction is done in home or at TT headquarters.


Personal Training

Ready to make a change, but not sure where to start? Coach Pat is here to help. Get ready to start your Transformation, we will begin with one session as an assessment of your current fitness, and from there establish a plan to achieve your fitness goals. All sessions are 1 on 1 and held at Trail Transformation headquarters in Downtown La Crosse.


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